Restaurants in Baku fully operational – DISINFECTION TUNNELS ARE INSTALLED

From August 18, public catering facilities were allowed to operate in the open air. From today, cafes and restaurants will serve customers indoors. Of course, provided you follow certain rules.

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, public catering facilities will operate from morning till midnight, subject to the relevant quarantine regime. Residents of the capital are also pleased with the full restoration of restaurants:

– It was good to open restaurants. People will be able to sit and relax. How long can you sit at home.

– It was very nice. Let people rest. But the restaurants outside were open. In my opinion, the distance still needs to be maintained.

– I am very glad that it was good that cafes and restaurants were opened. Let’s have a good day.

It’s not just customers who are happy to see closed restaurants open.

Kahraman Mehmet, the administrator of the Chef Baku restaurant, said that they followed all the hygienic rules: “The closed restaurants started operating today. We are very happy. Our staff fully complies with the rules of hygiene. We ask our customers to follow these rules as well. ”

The main difference between cafes and restaurants indoors is that people are forced to remove their masks. This increases the risk of infection. How can this danger be avoided?

The Chef Baku restaurant in the capital has found an original way out of the situation – a special disinfection tunnel has been installed at the entrance to the restaurant for both customers and staff. Taking into account the pandemic conditions in the restaurant, a distance of 2 meters was maintained between the tables, and informational posters were pasted.

Gunel Farajova, a specialist at Pacific Group, says the disinfection tunnel does not pose a threat to human life. We are currently at the Chef Baku restaurant located on one of the central streets of the capital. In order to protect the health of customers and service personnel entering the restaurant, a PG-DEZOX disinfection tunnel manufactured by the Pacific group of companies has been installed at the entrance to the restaurant. The disinfection tunnel does not pose a threat to human life, does not contain chemical additives, destroys germs and viruses, and is designed to disinfect people.

It should be noted that the disinfection tunnel is a device that helps to reduce microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, which are widespread in the world and are constantly changing. Thanks to the sensitive receivers located on the device, the system is automatically activated by a motion sensor when a person passes through the tunnel, and as a result, the disinfectant solution is transferred to the spray nozzles. However, as a result of high pressure, the liquid evaporates and disinfects people without wetting them. The disinfection tunnel is designed to disinfect people using a liquid that does not cause any harm to human health, is aimed at destroying various bacteria, and does not contain any chemical additives. This device is equipped with a warning light on the operating status and volume of the liquid.

The disinfection tunnel can be produced in different sizes according to customers’ requirements and wishes. The PC-DEZOX disinfection tunnel has a number of advantages. Very easy to install and use. Once installed, it can be easily relocated to another area.

The disinfection tunnel can be used not only during a pandemic, but also to prevent other infectious diseases that may occur in the future, and to destroy other viruses and bacteria.