The six-month longing will end in a few days. We are talking about schools and kindergartens, which are closed to us by an invisible infection. In summary, educational institutions in Azerbaijan have been closed for about seven months. The cause is known – coronavirus. The next softening of the special quarantine regime announced in the country will allow schools and kindergartens to resume operations. Of course, provided that you follow the rules.

But how will the exit from virtuality reflect itself in the real world? What steps can educational institutions, whose boards are always contaminated with chalk dust, take to prevent children and students from becoming infected?

Gunel Farajova, Pacific Group’s public relations specialist, says the group of companies has an interesting proposal:

“If we take into account that kindergartens and schools will start operating on September 15, then our children will inevitably come into contact with each other. If we celebrate the coming autumn, everyone knows that seasonal viruses and infections will become more active. Therefore, in order to protect the health of our children, we recommend the installation of PG-Dezox disinfection tunnel, produced by the Pacific group of companies, in educational institutions and kindergartens.

As President Ilham Aliyev and First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva have always emphasized, we can overcome this problem only by following the rules. For this reason, these recommendations can be the savior of our lives. Just like the disinfection tunnels mentioned by Gunel Farajova. As for the function of the device, the device helps to reduce microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. Thus, the high-pressure liquid evaporates and disinfects people without wetting them. The disinfection tunnel is designed to disinfect people using a liquid that does not contain any harmful chemicals, does not harm human health and protects against viruses.

Of course, one of the most important conditions is to protect health. Parents who send their children to kindergarten and school also want it. They think that the installation of such devices is the right step:

– My child goes to kindergarten. Such tunnels are good to be installed in all educational institutions and kindergartens. We parents also comfortably send our children to kindergarten and school. It is also good in terms of hygiene, where there are a lot of children, which will reduce the number of infections.

– I am also a parent. Like every parent, I want my child to get a healthy education. The installation of such tunnels is very beneficial for the health of our children.

PG-Dezox disinfection tunnel is an ideal device for hygiene. It is possible to challenge the virus by installing the device at the entrances to schools, kindergartens and universities. It can be used not only during a pandemic, but also for the prevention of seasonal bacteria and viruses, as well as for the prevention of future infectious diseases. The tunnel can be produced in different shapes (size, color, design, etc.) according to customers’ wishes.

It should be noted that the company has special discount campaigns for educational institutions. So, there will be a special discount for all orders made in September.

The quality of materials and details used in the manufacture of disinfecting tunnels is fully guaranteed.


Elvin Pashazade,

Ali Alakbarov,