"Pacific Group of Companies is a group of companies working on the formation of employees based on high professionalism, determination to constantly innovate and develop, high motivated team spirit.

We believe that the work environment we will create will be conducive to the productive work of our employees, will bring them satisfaction and success, as well as great value.

The employment relationship in the Pacific Group of Companies is based on the principle of non-discrimination, which is one of the most important principles of labor relations. Equal employment opportunities are required by law and are maintained at all stages of the employment relationship as a key component of business success.


The admission process in the Pacific Group of Companies is carried out in the following stages, guided by the principles of objectivity and equality:

  • Disclosure of vacancies, definition of criteria
  • Compile a short list of CVs
  • Conducting an interview
  • Evaluation process
  • Approval of employment and submission of a written job offer